Emerald HPC International

Using its trademarked, High Performing Communities™ (HPC) framework, Emerald guides collaborative initiatives that foster transformative outcomes. Within the framework, Emerald employs strategic planning and best practice models to improve the accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of organizations and collaborative initiatives, and offers consulting, coaching and training that helps stakeholder groups build capacity, messaging, and a common set of tools from which to work. Our expertise is in the following areas:

  • Project planning and development
  • Cross-community service mapping
  • Comprehensive strategic planning
  • Collaboration and coalition building
  • Strategies for outcomes measurement and monitoring designed to build and sustain an effective outcomes based strategy
  • Messaging that helps stakeholders take ownership by embracing, engaging, and getting involved in a client’s effort

Whole People, Healthy Organizations,
​and Sustainable Communities
Since 1992

When you are working with Emerald, you can be confident that you are working with the best.

Emerald HPC International, LLC
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High Performing Communities Framework™

In addition to planning and consulting, Emerald offers specialized and comprehensive training in the HPC Planning Process, which is a comprehensive ​two-day training on how to identify and validate the root causes of issues being addressed by a group and to design sustainable strategies for resolving them. The training is interactive and a lot of fun for participants while effectively giving them a tangible set of tools and a common language for working collaboratively during planning and implementation.

Emerald HPC services have ranged from building workforce pipeline, career and college readiness, integrated arts education, youth violence prevention, and economic revitalization initiatives in Northern California to providing board development and strategic planning training for corporations, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit groups throughout California; from outcomes-based evaluation and data management training for a neighborhood initiative in San Jose to organizational development coaching and urban strategy planning in regions throughout the United States and abroad. 

     ​Emerald HPC International


Keith and Iris Archuleta founded Emerald HPC International

(formally known as Emerald Consulting)

in 1992 to improve the lives of people, create healthy organizations and build sustainable communities.

(877) 687-8251

"Community" under our framework is defined as a group of critical stakeholders who are bounded by their focus on a particular set of issues related to a broader, but common, problem. Therefore, a community under our framework,  can be anything from a geographic location to a department within a corporation or agency.

Winner of the 2012 JFK University Corporate and Community Diversity award, the company provides planning and development consulting services to corporations, communities, and organizations in the US and abroad.